Your Newborn

Your Newborn session is a very special milestone and I want to help your capture this oh so quickly moving moment. Newborn sessions are designed for babies 14 days and younger. The best day to photograph your little one is from day five to day twelve. During this time, newborns tend to be sleepier and retain that fresh newborn curl. After 14 days, newborns tend to develop things like colic and baby acne, they also tend to be more alert and stay awake longer.

During the Session

Newborn Sessions require more time than a typical session as we need to be patient and careful with your precious little one. They can take 2-4 hours. Most newborn sessions take place within my cozy studio located in Historic Reisterstown. Here, you will have access to my large selection of props, it also ensures that we have the perfect lighting and cozy setting for a sleepy and happy baby. On location shoots are available on request with an additional travel fee. 

The studio is kept at 80 degrees to ensure that your newborn is warm and comfortable. It is perfect for baby, but can be a bit toasty for us; it is best to wear layers! During your session, I will pose and handle your baby with the utmost care. There is no need to worry if you are not feeling 100% yet. I will soothe, swaddle, and ensure baby is kept happy.

I will provide you with a more detailed Newborn Session preparation guide before your session to make sure you and your little one are all set for this very special occasion.