Digital Files vs. Prints

Why invest in photographic products when we have DIGITAL FILES?!


Digital files are great! They are portable and shareable.

However, they are also highly corruptible and NOT archival.

The truth is, in just a few years, your adored family photos, which you've been meaning to print, may be lost, corrupt, or even not readable as technology evolves. Only a few years ago photographers were providing photo files on CDs... and just think about how many of your gadgets have already phased out the CD, and many now have gotten rid of USB drives as well. Who knows what will be next...

NOW is the time for your photographs to have a VIBRANT LIFE BEYOND THE DIGITAL FILE! In an age of relentless digital media, what could be better than a gallery of HEIRLOOM fine art celebrating the love of your family in your home? I have searched high and low, and can honestly tell you that I am MADLY IN LOVE with every item I have sourced: incredible, ARCHIVAL boutique products, locally sourced where possible. I have samples for you to see and touch, because I want you to see for yourself why the investment in photographing your family can end in something far more satisfying, lasting, and beautiful to our monitor-weary eyes than digital files!

After all, what good does a dusty CD in a drawer do for you and the generations to come? Wouldn't you rather proudly display your memories as reminders for you and your loved ones that you can share with others?

Don't worry, you will still have the option to purchase digital files instead of or in addition to your physical photographic products if you so choose! The products I offer are guaranteed AND archival. They will last a lifetime and will be shared and passed down for generations to come.